Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue believe that the blaze which caused “utter panic” in a high-rise student accommodation complex, was caused by an electrical fault in the building.

Leo Chang, 21, a resident in the building, said: “we just had to get out. No one knew what was happening, it was just utter panic. I’m so thankful we got out. With high-rise buildings you really worry in situations like this how you will get down. Luckily it didn’t take too long for the fire to be under control.”

Crews from West Bridgford, Carlton, London Road, Arnold, Mansfield, Stockhill and Stapleford stations were called to the iQ Exchange Nottingham building in Lower Parliament Street at 7.25pm on Monday, October 9.

The fire was reported as being out by 8.35pm and firefighters evacuated the building and carried out a full search of the building, and everyone was accounted for.

Incident commander at the scene, Andy Lindley, said: “Crews worked really hard to tackle the fire quickly to limit the damage to neighbouring flats, and we would also like to thank the public and the residents of the building for their patience while the incident was dealt with

“We would however like to remind everyone to make sure that they are aware of their building’s fire evacuation plan and escape routes, which may not always be the main entrance to the building.

“It is therefore important to note where the other exits are to your building in the event of a fire.”


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